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Shirt Pattern Making

Bring your vision to life! Transform your fashion ideas into precise patterns…

Imagine spotting strangers wearing the shirt you designed – how would that make you feel? What would that do for your business?

Just provide us with a concept drawing or sketch that visualizes your idea and let us do the heavy lifting to realise your vision.

Gone are the old days of pattern making supplies… You can throw out the drafting paper and pattern making rulers! 

We use the same digital pattern making tools that transformed the fashion industry from a time intensive process into a speedy production machine – these identical tools we’ll use with yourdesign. 

No matter what stage you’re at, we help to simplify the whole process for you… 

Have a physical sample? Perfect. Our experts will reverse engineer it and translate it into a digital pattern -you can even add any modifications you’d like! 

The SMART PATTERN MAKING team have created thousands of CAD fashion products for over a decade – you’ll have our deep understanding of design in clothing patterns at your fingertips throughout your entire journey. 

The Small details are as important to us as they are to you. Tell us the fabrics of your choice, give us a pattern card or tech pack, detail your exact sewing pattern instructions, grainline and seam allowances – we will build your creation.

When we’re drafting a pattern, we put our prototype samples through rigorous pattern testing before approving them for a production sample. 

These include testing the Fabric quality; Fabric shrinkage and Sewing construction just to name a few. 

This gives you professional grade protype patterns and the peace of mind in knowing that they’ve already been painstakingly tested… 

We even make sure your domestic or overseas manufacturing company will have no trouble importing your designs into their Gerber CAD systems – our digitals are especially designed and tested to be widely compatible across regions.

Then you’re ready for the exciting step of taking your shirts product to market! 

Discuss with us your fashion patterns and fashion drawings and we’ll help take care of the process of drafting a pattern, pattern making and fashion CAD – find out how our experience in clothes patterns drafting ranges from basic patterns to mass production!

Stuck for examples? Try button down shirts patterns, dress down shirts patterns or western shirts patterns – Men shirts pattern or Women, we cater for all – your imagination is the limit!

We’re here, ready and waiting for you – let’s get started now! 



  •  Apparel Industry
  • Apparel Designers
  •  Apparel Pattern Makers
  • Sewing contractors

  • Handbag Industry 
  • Accessories industry
  • Shoe Industry-
  • furniture industry

  •  Automotive industry
  • Glass/ Metal Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Restaurant Industry


This is an approximate cost for a none engineered pattern. Pattern designs with complex details as engineered pockets draped collars or ruffles on shirts will be charged according to the labor involved and time consumed to make your shirt pattern.

Patterns We Do Not Draft Or Make:

 Any pattern making or tailoring service for products listed below as they require specialized setup and equipment.

✘furniture products

✘Leather products 

✘Bridal products

✘Children products

✘underwear(lingerie) products 

✘Knitted sweaters or socks products

✘Ties products

✘gloves products

more Pattern making patterns options