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Shirts Digitizing: Total Pattern Pieces To Digitize (1-60 PCS )


Optional, you can include a shirt digitizing card for each pattern that needs to be digitized inside your box whenever you are ready you ship your pattern(s) to us to the address below.

ATTN: Alejandro Esparza
Company Name: Smart Pattern Making
2202 South Figueroa ST. # 543
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Don't Have A Pattern Card?  No problem, download our pattern card template below and upload pattern card using the upload button(s) above when completed.


How To Pay For Shirts Digitizing Services: Please add the total amount of pattern pieces that need to be digitize and make up your design Example: You have a shirt that contains 12 pattern pieces in your design the total PC Qty: should be 12 Pieces. You can submit six (6) pattern pieces if your pattern has mirror/symmetric pieces but keep in mind that you pay for the total amount of pieces that make up your design (12 pieces) and (not 6 pieces) as we still have to make sure that your design contains 12 pattern pieces and label each pattern piece accordingly. 

Pattern Digitizing Policy:
This service is provided for designs or patterns that are a copy of your original design only. If your pattern(s) needs to be cut out or are already cut out we will digitize them all and destroy all pattern pieces after the digitizing process is finished  by using our industrial paper shredder. This process will save you money by not having us to FedEx back your patterns and pay for handling and shipping services.
You must keep your original pattern with you and you must just send to us a paper pattern copy only. We will not be responsible if you sent to us your original pattern to be digitized.

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