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Men’s Long Sleeve Fitted Shirt Downloadable Gerber/CAD Pattern

Please Click Here To Download Free Gerber/CAD Pattern Test Block (10x10) Inches Before You Buy.

About this industrial Sewing Pattern.
This Gerber/CAD(Men’s Long Sleeve Fitted Shirt Sewing) is a professional pattern making block that has been fitted on a professional fit model size M. You can customize this Gerber/CAD(Men’s Long Sleeve Fitted Shirt Sewing) to your own particular measurements by adding to your cart ourpattern grading services.
All of our patterns can be used for personal or business purposes and use it an unlimited number of times to cut and sew your Gerber/CAD (Men’s Long Sleeve Fitted Shirt Sewing) samples or production.
What you can not do: you can not reproduce, distribute or sell this patterns as your own creation or be posted on blogs or websites for free downloads without written permission as this will be a Copyright infringement.

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