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Pattern Making: 3 Benefits Of Hiring A Pattern Making Studio.

by Alejandro Esparza February 03, 2015 0 Comments

Some of the benefits of hiring a pattern making studio are the ability of creating several jobs in one place. Turn around time for most pattern making jobs are faster if done all at one time and third benefit  it will cost less money to pattern making a garment in a design house.

1st Benefit : Pattern making several jobs under one house.

When creating a new design several jobs or steps must be taken before the garments gets finished and be presented to a potential customer.

Some examples of jobs offered by a pattern making studio are:

-First–prod. Patterns
-Flat sketching
-Line sheet design
-Pattern grading
-Marker Making etc...

These jobs or services can be fully customized to fit any costumer’s designing needs and are offered to apparel companies, Professional business people, Artists, People with new design inventions, young designers trying to launch for the first time a collection and people in general who want to create a small clothing line to sell their designs on an online website store.

2nd Benefit : faster turns a rounds to finish most jobs.

Turn around time to finish most jobs in a pattern making house are faster than making each individual job separately. A pattern making studio coordinates and organizes all the work flow to be done for the costumer and spends a great deal of time explaining each little detail of the design process to its design team members who will be in charge and responsible for the completion of a given project.Benefit three the cost to manufacture a design is always cheaper.

3rd Benefit: Affordable Cost to Create multiple designs.

Making a garment in a pattern making house will cost a lot less money versus paying five to eight thousand dollars for a basic design. This amount of money is often spend by manufacturing companies who have the obligation of paying all the salaries of their design team not forgetting the fact that paying regular prize for each individual service will always be more expensive than paying a flat rate for all the work to be done. A well-grounded Design studio with a knowledgeable fashion design head coordinator will be capable of offering the above services, exceed its customer expectations and provide 100 % costumer satisfaction no matter of its size or location.

In addition, hiring a professional full package pattern design studio house has many advantages, one of them is the ability to create many jobs or obtain different services in one location. Turn around time for all jobs to be made are faster if done all at one time and costumers who wish to create a line of their own will over all save thousands of dollars by not having to pay the salaries of a design team whose salaries can add up to thousands every week.



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Alejandro Esparza
Alejandro Esparza


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