8 Tips To Hire A Reputable Pattern Digitizing Company

In today’s world, it is possible for you to experience affordable, fast and accurate pattern digitizing services. They have taken the fashion designing and textile industry into a whole new dimension. The pattern digitizing services are being used in today’s world for a variety of purposes. Most of the people think about using pattern digitizing services in order to transform paper pattern pieces into a digital media and to preserve original pattern shape and design. Following below are 8 important tips that will allow you to hire the best pattern digitizing service before you start digitizing any of your patterns with a service provider.

Paper Pattern Digitizing Services

Tip 1). Editable Digitized Patterns

What exactly is pattern digitizing? In Apparel garment industry pattern digitizing is the process in which sewing patterns made of paper, cardboard or plastic get scanned into a computer CAD system to preserve its original shape and design and for further use and editing purposes. The non use of special CAD system digitizing technology will lead to non editable digitized patterns that can not be opened or be read by other fashion CAD programs. So searching for a digitizing service company that offers these type of solutions must be a must before hiring their services.

Tip 2). Easy Digitizing Process

There is a standardized process to follow when getting the service offered by pattern digitizing companies as well. Hence, you are strongly encouraged to go through the services pages of the service providers before you select one. You shouldn’t go through a lot of hassle when getting pattern digitizing services. Easy instructions and the ability to digitize multiple pattern designs or products without any problems must be a requirement before hiring any digitizing service provider. So taking the time to search for the right place will assist you to look for the pattern digitizing service with the most convenient service.

Tip 3).  Save Money Digitizing

Usually, pattern digitizing services are offered for patterns or designs that are copies of original designs. In case if the patterns or designs need to be cut out, the pattern digitizing services will do it upon request. After completing the job, all the pieces of patterns will be destroyed with the help of a paper shredder. If you follow this method, you will get the opportunity to save a considerable amount of money. That’s because the pattern digitizing service will not have to ship the patterns back to you. But if you are going forward with such a service provider, you need to be careful to keep the original pattern and just send a traced off paper copy of your original design.

Tip 4). Convenient And A Hassle Free Service.

As mentioned earlier, all the companies that offer pattern digitizing services are not the same. Hence, you need to be careful to look for a service provider that offers a convenient experience to you. That’s where you should focus on selecting a pattern digitizing service that actually cares. When you select such a company, you will get the opportunity to receive the professional service offered by a team, which is passionate, hardworking and committed towards the needs of customers. The best in class customer service will also be offered by selecting right digitizing service provider. As a customer, you expect to go through a convenient and a hassle free service. The reputable pattern digitizing companies are in a position to deliver that experience to you.

Tip 5). Professional Digitizing Service

In addition to the above mentioned services, you need to see whether the service provider you select offers professional pattern digitizing services. The company should specialize in pattern digitizing. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive a top notch service. If the service provider you select has few years of experience, it would matter a lot for the service that you will be getting at the end of the day.

Tip 6). Accurate Pattern Scanning 

You must also see whether the pattern digitizing service you select offers accurate pattern scanning services as well. If the pattern is not scanned accurately, they will have to go through a lot of difficulties when transforming it in the CAD software. This can create a negative impact on the output as well. Hence, the most accurate and precise methods need to be followed when importing the pattern into digital storage. You should be careful about this when selecting digitizing services as well.

Tip 7). Fast Digitizing Services

You shouldn’t wait for a long period of time to get pattern digitizing services. With the available technology in today’s world, pattern digitizing services can be obtained in a very short period of time a day or a couple of days depending on pattern's piece quantity and complexity of designs to be digitized. But if your digitizing a single simple design and your digitizing service provider delivers your digitized pattern in 7 or 10 days then it is the right time for you to look for another service provider.

Tip 8). Digitizing Cost Factor

Last but not least, you must take a look at the cost factor. You shouldn’t spend a fortune on pattern digitizing services. This is a relatively an inexpensive service of course, assuming you have submitted a digitizing project that contains all components needed before the digitizing process and whether or not you will need every single digitized pattern piece to be converted into a different file format as DXF.   Analyzing different digitizing service providers will give you an idea of cost, quality and types of digitizing services available when choosing a service.

Recap, Editable pattern lines must be a must when all digitized patterns are converted into a digital format. The digitizing process must be clear and easy to use. Shipping patterns is a great way to save money by just sending a copy of all patterns that need digitizing and avoiding the cost to shipping back original paper patterns. You shouldn’t wait for a long period of time to get pattern digitizing services if the right service provider is equipped with the right CAD digitizing technology. Pattern digitizing can be relatively an inexpensive service. Hence, all people who want to take the physical patterns that they have into digital media can think about obtaining pattern digitizing services. Conducting an adequate research It is an extremely important task before using a digitizing service provider. If you keep the above mentioned tips in mind, you will be able to locate the best and the most reputable service provider. Then you will get the opportunity to receive a top-notch service and you would absolutely love it as well.

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